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Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Infromation...

Many of us in private sectors working hard to keep our employment by  working over the  time without additional payment. 

Some of us later doing other jobs on the weekend or after working time, looking for extra income to  cover shortages.

Why this happen? Can we explain whats are  happening? We was told that our national economy is stable and "RAKYAT" live happily. So called subsidy being given, do they?

Why "RAKYAT" very concern about extra income now? Why many so called tax payer in middle income group suffering with shortages of fund for living? Do they really not a good  financial planner as what was discussed in below article or  they stuck in higher expenses due to their range of income make them not beneficial anything from so called budget for rakyat.

Some point  that we need to see in depth:

i) High tax and unfair tax for middle group of income

ii) High Children tuition fee for nursery, enrichment class and etc due to lack of knowledge gain from the  normal school class. Why currently most of the students need to go for extra tuition class? Nowadays standard 1 / year 1 also go for tuition? Do our schools very poor in educating students?

iii) Healthcare cost rising? Who pay for the bills?

iv) Saving fund performance very poor, let see EPF as an example..

v) Inflation rate and living cost rising? Food price increase

vi)  Rising of basic tariff such electricity will make other goods price rising as well. What will happen when petrol start rising after GE13? Do we still have choice here?

vii) Rising of houses price? Who really benefit with the rise? Bank? Government? More tax?

viii) many more...

What I heard, after 2013 budget tabled and government servant get their bonuses, tuition such nursery care start rise their fees? Why? This due to rising of cost of living, every thing rise without control. When goods price rise then more tax will be collected. Once Government Sales Tax (GST) being implemented, more tax will be collected by this GOMEN... bringing to another level of personal financial planning to battle the shortages of our income for our own family.

Do we really the poor planner or the way of the economy design by the ruler make us poorer. Kapitalis system being employed here, to make the richest and "power holder" will be always on top and on power ... Then GE13  is your choice for  a change...

Thestar: Monday October 8, 2012

Financial Snacks

Some of you may wonder why our finances are not in great shape and do not seem to improve month after month.
Have you ever thought if you could have been focusing on the wrong side of your personal financial health equations?
Your Financial Equations simply tell you if you are above or underwater in your finances.
The most important 3 are as follows: JOYCE CHUAH writes

Income - Expenses = Savings

Income is the common part of any savings equation. However, what is more important is expenses. Are you surprised? If you focus your attention on managing on your expenses on a higher level of consciousness, you can quite immediately increase your savings. Increasing income is possible but it takes time which means waiting for an increment, working 2 jobs or even starting a small business which has a gestation period for results.

Returns - Inflation = Real Returns

We are all too obsessed with returns. We check out the best FD rates in town, and queue up for deposits that give slightly better returns than FDs. Many times, our focus moves away from inflation, which is after all an important element in providing you your real returns. So, don't just chase after raw returns which do not give you a positive return after your personal inflation rates.

Asset - Liabilities = Net worth

"So as you can see, George dear, I can substantially improve my personal financial health equation by removing you from it".   

"So as you can see, George dear, I can substantially improve my personal financial health equation by removing you from it".
A commonly used barometer used to rank wealthy individuals is the amount of net worth the individual has - hence the term “high net worth individuals”. Increasing assets and reducing liabilities will surely increase our net worth. However if we have limited resources, how much can we do to increase our net worth? One way is to focus on your liabilities check if you too under geared that you are compromising the growth of your net worth? Start thinking like a business person they usually leverage on Using Other People's Money' i.e. borrowing prudently to make more money. Think about it.



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