Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Hidup di dunia yang sementara ini banyak mengabui mata kita tentang matlamat kehidupan yang sebenarnya. Kita semakin terdesak dengan himpitan kehidupan dan berlumba-lumba untuk mencari kehidupan yang lazimnya lebih menampakkan keduniaa semata-mata.
Apakah ada di antara pelaburan yang semakin hari semakin kurang diberikan tumpuan? Namun, apakah kita menidakkan keperluan yang perlu kita sediakan di dunia bagi persediaan akhirat? Bagaimanakah pula pelaburan di dunia yang wajar dilakukan untuk persediaan akhirat kita? Wajar rasanya kita sama-sama bincangkan dan jadikan maklumat bersama ini sebagai panduan kita merentasi dunia untuk menempah tempat yang selesa di akhirat kelak, insyaallah.

Pandangan serta komen rakan-taulan, pak-pak ustaz, profesionalis, akauntan, hartawan, dermawan, pak/mak wan dan sebagainya boleh dikongsi untuk dijadikan panduan disamping memperkuatkan ukhwah sesama kita. Sila diemailkan pandangan anda ke

Pemberitahuan: Semua maklumat di blog ini adalah pandangan peribadi melainkan dinyatakan sebaliknya. Sila rujuk kepada institusi atau badan yang berkaitan untuk maklumat lebih lanjut. Sebarang rujukan dari blog ini adalah risiko sendiri.Pengarang tidak bertanggungjawab di atas sebarang masalah yang timbul disebabkan oleh bahan diblog ini.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tax Refund! Its Painfull To Uplift Syariat...??

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

To those who face what I faced, please be patient and remember Allah s.w.t. is always with us. And I believe this is just an immunisation test for me. I realize if the regime is in secular systems than it will make you suffer when you put effort on Syariat Islamiah as a total goal.

My trial to get tax refund before year end now become impossible. My account balance sheet now "kaput" already. This year my trial to maximixe zakat over tax pay a bit painfull. As everyone know, year end is the time for maximizing zakat paying and even most of zakat center will open until 31st. Dec. and will close late night to give opportunity to those who want to pay their zakat due to the closing date for yearly audited tax will be end of the year.

Year end will always a burden to some parent to make a preparation for new school session. Its also happened to me huge amount of money was used to pay fees for kindergarten, private school, books and etc; and I found out that most of the fees now increased by 10-20% compare to previous year and to cover this I used all of my fast achieved emergency account fund.Then now, my effort to maximize zakat payment turn into problems when my fund turn short.

Alhamdulillah, there are always ways Allah s.w.t. give us to get fast achieve fund to settle  the zakat. My solution is to used online payment to e-ZAKAT Majlis Islam dan Istiadat Kelantan (MAIK) using Islamic Credit Card to cover some of shortage of fund.

Why this happen to me this year? Cost for school preparation was increased quite high and caused my plan disorder. Secondly, my tax refund for year 2010 until now is pending.

The story with income tax (LHDN) starts since last June, you can refer to my previous post. After communicated to Branch A its mentioned they will  refund soon after their systems migration to Cyberjaya become normal back.

After communicated one more time to Branch A, they mentioned they are now preparing the boucher and I will get my refund by early Disember, 2011. Untill now still no refund, then I communicated to higher ranking officer. After he checked, he said, my tax refund is quite high so he want to check any misleading of tax since previous year.

Funny! Bunny! Every year my account was audited and tax refund was paid without any misleading. I believe this is only due to one reason, LHDN every year always request to increase their salary and higher bonus pay. To get this, they must achieved ruling government tax collection target that increased yearly and only through nitty-gritty issue they can realize their mission. What I feel ashamed is the reason given by that malay (muslim) figure is unreasonable after a few promise.

I still don't understand how the responsible muslim person in LHDN still want to do bussiness with tax payer money and where the  money will be used back to pay zakat. Ashamed me not! It is my money and I should get profit from it.

So, lesson-learnt... Be patient and always believe in Allah s.w.t. with us almost... Lets "doa" call for Allah s.w.t help to ease in our endeavour towards Syariat Islamiah.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Just for fun! Nice Ilustration...

Copied from ...  Just for fun!

Updated 12.30pm: "TADIKA" Baseline 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

From my survey for kindergarten in Bangi, the monthly fees for a day including school and day care in range of RM250 to RM600. I also found that the fee will change depending to the area it is located. I think bangi is at the higher range, do you think so?

After doing some baseline to average  TADIKA fee and doing monthly averaging  after include the yearly entrance fee is as below. The data might slightly difference since some don't give the occasional fees yet. But for tadika A it schedule already firmed.  Will update when the data available. Only average fees TADIKA is provided here. Islamic Montesori, Nuri  and etc at the higher end is not included since the figure will make your heart shaking. The below is using teaching system either montesori, cahayaku, little caliph or LOEPS.

Since the below figure can't be seen, here is the form link: TADIKA BASELINE 2012.

The tadika name was deleted to avoid misunderstanding. Just use the form to benchmark your TADIKA preference.

Tadika  Baseline (One day care)

Tadika A
Tadika B
Tadika C
Tadika D
Tadika E

(Wiith swimming Class 2x)

7.30am - 6.00pm

Reg Fee




Fee / computer


Eqpm. Stationary




Workbook + iqra




School Fee


Ext. day care


Others compulsory/swim/iqra



Uniform / Course

School attire (compulsory)


Parents course (compulsory)



Education visit (RM20-40)


Convocation Package


Sports Day


Yearly Total (WO/O)

Yearly AVG (WO/O)

Yearly Total (W/O)

Yearly AVG (W/O)

Monthly Fees Avg (WO/O)

Monthly Fees Avg (W/O)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

UPDATED: TAX/ZAKAT 2011 and BUDGET PLANNING 2012 sample form

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Hopefully someone still can benefit the form especially to maximise your zakat over tax and start plan for 2012. The below attached budget form is based on AKPK calculator where converted to excel format to ease adding of items that might important to some people.

I did some simulation for year 2012 expenses. I realize that year 2012 will be more challenging especially for those who work in private sectors with rising cost of most of household items and rising fees for pre-school / islamic version of educations.

If got ample time I'll write also about the burden that suffered by workers in middle class income range. I received one data from Mr. Zack who used the tax template in this blog and  he request if possible to compare with gov. sector. It will very interesting to share with you all as well. To Mr. Zack, as my advise we in private sectors will always feel frustrated with current double standard tax systems.

As I told you, we should "syukur" in maximizing our zakat where it can be used to help other people who need most and hopefully Allah s.w.t. will consider the "extra" as good will. "Semoga ianya dikira sebagai amalan wakaf dan sadakah jariah yang akan dihitung sebagai amalan yang akan memberatkan amalan baik dihari kita memerlukannya di akhirat kelak." Thanks for your data. It might help me and other people to understand the meaning of higher income in this current tax system. Working hard day and night doesn't mean that we will get more but most likely losing most of our life that should be balanced as a muslim.


1) Sample "borang pengiraan cukai dan zakat - sample 2011".

2) Sample "borang budget 2012" please simulate and plan your self. Hope will avoid more people trap in unnecessary expenses.



Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011: Updated "Amanah Saham Bumiputra" Performance

Untuk perkongsian ilmu, prestasi ASB sepanjang zaman masih rendah kenapa??? Kemanakah unit amanah ini dilaburkan??? atau telah dileburkan???

Kita tunggu dan lihat satu lagi "reserve" dari duit rakyat terutamanya pekerja swasta iaitu prestasi keuntungan KWSP kepada pencanrumnya??? Yang telah menunjukkan prestasi yang membanggakan setakat ini adalah LHDN, peningkatan kutipan cukai pendapatan dari rakyat marhaen telah terbukti membanggakan dengan peningkatan sangat ketara... dengan itu kenaikan gaji diterima oleh LHDN juga memang bebaloi.....!!!!

Dan inilah bukti yang teraaaammmattt jelas.... duit dari rakyat, untuk rakyat dan dikembalikan semula kepada rakyat... EEMMM!!!! Really!!! Funny, Bunny!!!!

Tahun Berakhir 31 Disember 2007    2008   2009  2010  2011

Kadar Pengagihan                 8.00     7.00    7.30   7.5     7.65
Pendapatan Seunit (sen)

Bonus Seunit (sen)               1.00      1.75    1.25   1.25   1.15


Movie snapshot just for fun. Not related to the topic above... Enjoy!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Peringatan!!! Minggu terakhir 2011.. Taksir Cukai Pendapatan... Maksimakan Zakat..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Link: Borang taksiran cukai dan zakat

Minggu depan hanya 4 hari baki bagi memaksimakan zakat dengan menaksir cukai pendapatan bagi tahun 2011. Masih sempat jika, tuan-puan memproses resit-resit yang boleh mengurangkan bebanan cukai tuan-puan antaranya (perkara yang dikecualikan cukai):

i) Pembelian buku-buku untuk anak-anak sekolah atau melanggan majalah.

ii) Pembelian takaful kesihatan/pendidikan

iii) PTPTN

iv) dan sebagainya.... untuk maksimakan pengeculian cukai....

Jika tuan-puan berminat untuk menyalorkan sebahagian daripada pembayaran zakat yang telah dimaksimakan ke Pusat Zakat Kelantan bagi aktiviti untuk asnaf zakat dan fi sabilillah (dakwah, pendidikan islam dan sebagainya), sekarang ini boleh dilakukan terus secara atas talian (online).

Panduan kaedah bayaran zakat ke Kelantan di bawah MAIK sila klik sini <

Di bawah adalah link dan borang yang disediakan bagi pembayaran atas talian menerusi kad kredit (islamik):

Membayar di Bank Islam (M) Berhad. (No.Akaun 03-018-01-000005-0) atas nama Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan. Hantarkan salinan slip bank ke pejabat Majlis Agama Islam Dan Istiadat Melayu Kelantan beserta nama, nombor kad pengenalan dan alamat untuk mendapatkan resit rasmi.
Jika ingin membayar secara online (internet banking) melalui bank-bank bayaran kepada Zakat - Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan (Disyorkan print salinan transaksi dan faks kan ke MAIK):

i - Maybank 2u -

ii - CIMB -

iii - BIMB -

iv - RHB Bank -

v- Ambank -

Untuk dihubungi (

Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan
Kompleks Islam Darulnaim,15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Tel : 09-7481512, Fax : 09-7485512

Email :

Semoga bermanafaat.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updated: Gold Investment..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Updates for my previous post here (Hasil percubaan melabur setelah dua++ bulan, harga belian RM119/gram, harga jualan sekarang RM121.67 (19/11/2009) peningkatan sebanyak 2.24%.)

What can we see now from the price, let refer back to Maybank Price. Buying at RM119.00 now RM159.00.

So if comparing to RM119  its now appreciating 33.6%. Not bad! Not bad! But gold price once in this year even reach RM180/gram. Wow! Really super duper gain... but why did I blog now?  It is good time to say gold price also got up and down trend in shorter period of time. But if we look into wide period of time it shows appreciating trend..

Then you decide. I now will search for the best mechanism to turn some of my eggs into gold. When is the best time to make a magic call? Now trend is down... can I make super fast decision to boat my eggs into gold?


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alert! Gold Price Falling... Time to grab???

Is this a good time to grab gold???

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whistle blowing now.... BRRRRR!!!!!  Errr! Tarif hiking??? I positively guessing it will up again after PRU13... if and if the winner isssssss.... XXX

Thestar: Wednesday December 14, 2011

TNB ready to buy gas at market prices

BANGI: Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is ready to purchase gas for power generation at open market prices upon completion of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) regassification terminal in Malacca by next year.
President/CEO Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh said the company had been talking to several gas suppliers including ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell for a secured supply.
“We’ve appointed professional consultants to deal with the major suppliers as we are still new in the matter,” he told reporters at Universiti Tenaga Nasional here yesterday.
The market price for gas presently hovers around RM30 to RM50 per mmBTU.
The Government, through Petroliam Nasional Bhd, spends around RM20bil a year to provide subsidised gas to TNB at RM13.70 per mmBTU.
Che Khalib said the open market price would not necessarily mean a hike in tariff rates for domestic and industrial consumers.
TNB would suggest several options to the Government to either absorb the cost or pass it on to consumers, he said.
Natural gas accounts for 60% of TNB’s eletricity generation while coal and hydro contribute 35% and 5% respectively.
The company aims to have a balance between gas generated and coal generated power by 2015.
Che Khalib said power demand was expected to increase 3%-4% next year. — Bernama

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Contd' Melaka Coconut Shake, Kuantan Murtabak Mengkasar and Kepala Batas Ikan Bakar

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Continued for Melaka holiday visit, just before drove home, we tried the famous Melaka Coconut Shake located at Pantai Klebang. Location already available in GPS maps updated May, 2011. May be in near future, I'll blog on how to update free GPS maps.

My surprise, the Q for coconut shake really long for take away (tapau). If you plan to go there, please don't feel frustrated if long queue, there are restaurant being opened for those who want to drink and eat there. Just ask them. They will guide you to the restaurant just located near by.

Coconut shake here taste great. Also available "nasi lemak/mee/bihun bungkus" and local delight (kuih-muih).


Boat cruise at Melaka - Smiling face enjoying sight seeing...
Who's kid is this, really know how to enjoy her life....

After getting home from Melacca  we had a sad story. Two of our daughters hospitalized due to lungs infection (pneumonia). I'll blog later, medical hospitalization terribly expensive. Can insurance/takaful help you in this case??

KUANTAN 8-9 December 2011

Travel to Kuantan for work. Usually will have seafood dinner, but this time we change to eat "Murtabak Mengkasar". Price between RM 8 to RM9. Taste consider okey and almost the same like murtabak Raja at Kota Bharu Kelantan. This murtabak quite famous in Pekan. They have branch in Kuantan. You can search in GPS for the location.

NORTHERN KEDAH/PERAK 10-12 December 2011

Holiday trip to Sg. Petani, Cinta Sayang Resort Water Park and enjoying "ikan bakar" at Kepala Batas, Warung Abg. Din. Referring to my previous blog, one place that I enjoy eating "ikan bakar" and barbecue/grill seafood is at Kepala Batas. When arrived around 12.15pm, there are already huge crowd.

Many varieties of barbecue/grilled seafood for your selection here. There are also beef curry, "gear box" soup, fish egg curry, "ulam-ulaman", grilled beef and chicken, "asam-pedas" and many types of sauces available. Should try also Pala Fuit Juice, nice taste.

Location-GPS N05deg 30.959' E100deg 25.337

Mission accomplished!

Highly recommended. Price reasonable.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Muara Sg. Duyong Ikan Bakar, Melaka

Assalamualakum w.b.t.,

My journey to Lumut and Melaka will come to end tomorrow for this time. My intention this time is to share my views on the foods that we pay for. Anywhere we go, when starving for sure we will look for foods. How tasty and how much it will cost you. Some places we go, the price is so expensive but the taste not really good. So from sharing views we can get the value buy for the food and as customer we have right to get what we pay for.

My comparison is being made based on my eating experience in previous days. One day we go eat to one places it tastes is marvelous but after a period of time when we go back its turn oppositely. It is very hard to maintain the food taste and preparation quality I think.

For Muslims, when eating we should start with doa and end also with doa. Below is also for my remembrance.

Now lets see what, I have today for lunch and dinner. After brought my children to "Taman Rama-rama dan Reptile",  I taught to try portugese food but traffics jammed moving toward Melaka City. Change plan then eat nasi kandar Pinang Besar near to the hotel.  Taste is not the same as in Kuala Lumpur. Staff majority wearing trainee tag. No wonder, why no people come to take order.

For dinner we went to Muara Sg. Duyong Ikan Bakar as most people proposed this place in blog and personal contact. As never been to this place before, so we select this place. It is located before Umbai but a bit tricky to find the place. Furthermore, my GPS  license expired on the way to the place. Luckily google maps can be used to position through 3G. Alhamdulillah.

My goodness! When we arrived aroung 5.45pm there already huge crowd in one of the restaurant named Muara. Oppositely to the other restaurant empty... Only two restaurant available. As being proposed by our friends sowe stick to Muara. Below is what we ordered and my family always prefer the below any where we go for seafood.

 Squid Fritter and Butter Prawn

"Kerang Rebus"  my wife  and Otak-otak my children favourite

"Ikan Bakar"

Yes, this much-much better than Lumut. Here seafoods are served with "nasi lemak" and soy sauce (for everything). If you want plain rice must request. I request thai squid chili sauce to eat with squid fritter but not available, instead replace with chili sauce. Butter prawn was cooked with butter plus garlic then fried I think (different from what I always eat). Squid fritter taste great but if with thai chili sauce should be marvelous. For "ikan bakar" its a bit over cooked. Outer part burnt and carbonised. I believe due to the crowd, then the quality was unmanagable.

Overall, nasi lemak, kerang rebus, squid fritter are good. Ikan bakar failed. Price consider a bit higher than kuantan. For me, I won't come back to dine ikan bakar / seafood bakar here. Next time will try other places.

Umbai and Serkam, long time not going there, hopefully the taste still the same even what I heard price more expensive than muara sg. duyong now.

The best ikan bakar/seafood that I always take opportunity to eat when get chance are Philipines Market Sabah, Kuantan (Ana Ikan Bakar and Pak Mat), Penyabong Mersing, Kelantan (Fritters, Plain Seafood and etc), Kuching Sarawak (on top of buidling, don't remember the name), Ikan bakar belakang Istana Kuala Lumpur and Seberang Perai (Place don't remember, will check later update).

For those who take leave on this school holiday, enjoy your trip and foods; and please don't forget, spend what you plan and don't borrow to spend. New year is coming, remember for back to school mania.

Wallah hu 'alam.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kota Melaka.... Asam Pedas Today...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

I'm in Melaka now and hopefully until monday.  My last visit to Melaka was 6 year ago and having a good "ikan bakar dinner" at Umbai and Serkam. I'm sick yesterday due to throat infection. Just getting better after took medicine from Elis Clinic, Melaka. Having a lunch at Nasi Ayam Singapore not far away from Hang Jebat Stadium. Taste fine (average). Here everything about nasi ayam including nasi goreng ayam.

Melaka is  paradise for Asam Pedas. Browse through recommendation in internet for asam pedas which were most recommended for Hajjah Mona and  Abg Piee. So for today dinner we went to Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas since its location is available in GPS. Asam pedas usually cook in many ways, but the taste should consist of "pedas" and "asam". Lady finger (bendi) also usually added as a mixture of asam pedas.

Asam pedas Hajjah Mona is served together with white rice, bean sprout and salty egg. We ordered asam pedas pari, asam pedas tenggiri, asam pedas meat and fried chicken.

A bit suprise, the asam pedas is not hot or  "pedas" and no lady finger inside. Different peope have different views. For Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas, the taste is just average. Price reasonable. If people ask me about this restaurant, I'm not recommend at all and should try other asam pedas restaurant in Melaka.

What can you see from the picture below? Four "Kul" on the wall together with others... My wife said, usually people put this "ayat" to protect their business against "sihir" or to get barakah from it or to show the restaurant is halal..

I still don't understand how Islam way of life can co-exist with secular practice culture. How can we get the "barakah" if rock song and many workers including the casher (owner family) not covered their "aurat". I believe Hajjah Mona can do something, hopefully other people especially non-muslim won't mis-understood the prettiness of Islam as a way of life. Hajjah means fullfilness the fifth of Islamic Principle.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Contd'.. Lumut Legacy

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Today final dinner in Lumut brought me to Ikan Bakar Lumut that was suggested by one of Orient Star Hotel staff. He said this restaurant much better than D'Muara and Villa Ikan Bakar. Ordered "ikan bakar", squid fritter and butter prawn. Same like Teluk Muroh Ikan Bakar, I only can give mark below than  an average. Squid fritter is hard and butter prawn turn to egg prawn. Fish also not fresh and the sauce come with ikan bakar need an improvement.

What ever, it is my "rezeki" and should thank Allah s.w.t. for the foods, Alhamdulillah...

At first I taught in Lumut, it is easy to eat fresh fine cook seafood   at reasonable price from breakfast to dinner, but since monday I had been here, it is not as what I taught.

Wallah hu 'alam.

Lumut-Pangkor Fresh Fine Product...???

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Have you been to Pangkor / Lumut a famous Island / Jetty in Perak? After long time I think 13 years, now I at Lumut again. Many changes happened around here and it was fast developed compare to last visit. Many people said, Lumut is paradise for seafood (ikan bakar) and dried seafood such "satay ikan, keropok pangkor, sotong madu, etc).

Like other people that came to Lumut, dried seafood for souvenir is the best selection for friends and neighbour. Yesterday, I bought  for a sample of "satay ikan, keropok, sotong kering madu"  three for RM10.00 at one shop infront of Jetty to Pangkor. Many souvenir, food stall and dried seafood shop there.

My goodness! I pretty lucky, Alhamdulillah not purchase in bulk yet. After opened for a taste, do you know what I discovered? Picture means thousand words. Satay ikan consider just okey but a bit hard. Keropok strong stuffy smell and squid "masyaallah" taste good but "fungi" are every where... Terbantut selera!!! Wueeekkkk! Already eat half... Today I feel my throat pain, I think it is infected....

Keropok: Stuffy smell 

Squid: Fungi can be seen every where... 

Do you want to know which shop??? Errr...!!! Better don't "lah"... I think all shop should be the same since its came from the same producer, better you check before purchase and be careful... Should I return the product to the stall??? Or should send to news papers???

Just to advise if you are the seller... please check your product before sell... or should double check first... How bad if foreigner purchased, they get sick and write to international newspapers... We in this country already being to bad already with the corupted ruler... 

After few days here, I already been to one of  "Ikan Bakar" Restoren at Teluk Muroh / Teluk Batik. Seafood "Bakar" here might be cooked in different style but I think still far below average in terms of taste and further more the squid and fish is not  fresh enough. I believe, we went to wrong restaurant and should try other restaurant next. See below picture... Squid fritters a bit hard, barbeque squid roast in plain without proper sauce given and "kerang rebus". The good thing with kerang, the shell is clean-brush and even the sweet taste of "kerang" also gone.

So far the seafood that I ate  here, the taste is too far-far away if compare to seafood in kuantan, kota bharu, melaka and even kampung baru...  In terms of price... it is considered superior than kuantan. A standard plate of squid fritter here cost RM10.00.

Today should be my last day in Lumut and hope I can get good taste of seafood at reasonable price.

From Lumut.