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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unit Trust / Mutual Fund Making Good Progreessss?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

In previous post, year 2010 I did a discussion about "Unit Trust" the link is here  >>> Unit Amanah!... oh!.... Unit Trust! : Adakah Anda Tahu?

If you new in Unit Trust investment then go the link above.

Todays discussion will be focusing on one of my unit trust holding and how late decision to sell and wrong time buying will make you loss your investment capital easily.

Please bare in mind most of unit trust counter is a combination of a number of stock counters. Either Malaysian based, China based or others. And some of them may be combined with money  or commodity market.

Profit from unit trust are gained from : (1) Appreciation of NAV values; (2) Dividend/Bonus that being invested back into the counter with appreciation of unit quantity.

(1) Appreciation of NAV values depends to stock counters  performance and usually tie with KLCI -index or other related index.
(2) Dividend/bonus is based on the profit being made by the unit trust counter from stock they invest and the gain will converted to additional unit quantity in your portfolio.

How was my Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund performance after 5 years of investment?

Based on 7th January 2012 report;

My quantity unit numbers increased from 31,067.96 to 35, 216.24 units with 13.35% increased. In five years appreciate 2.67%. Emmm... dividend/profit not good enough....

Looking into the values RM8000 invested in 2008 for PIGOF:

 9/04/2008     NAV 0.2272        RM 7,766.99          - 2.91%     (initial investment values)
 7/01/2013     NAV 0.3046              10,726.87         +34.09%    KLCI-1694.16  (yearly growth 6.82%)
31/1/2013                0.2949              10,385.27         +29.82%  
05/2/2013                0.2831                9,969.72         +27.53%   KLCI-1631.23  (yearly growth 5.51%)

What can you see from the figure just for two months Jan-Feb this year ? Yearly growth is reducing 1.3% with 3.71% KLCI reduction. What I can see now, I will fire my Unit Trust Agent. Why?

1) My target growth is minimum 8% yearly should be better then KWSP since this fund come from KWSP savings. Annualize average now depend to the KLCI index.
2) This agent reluctant to sell due too busy with other job when I instructed him to sell first week of January or slow action due to no commission gain after surrender the fund.
3) This agent requested me to sign new selling form and the form arrived in my hand on 31/1/2013, on the same date I sent back to him.
4) Until now, PIGOF still in my portfolio why? May be the form didn't reach him yet?

So, time to invest and fast  decision is the most crucial when doing any investment. Especially at this period of time where Chinese New Year is coming and General Election will also soon coming. It is predicted that, KLCI will drop down to its lowest point before its picking up again whether BN losing or not. If BN losing KLCI will moving slightly slow to get its momentum with new era of fair economic distribution to its RAKYAT comparing to BN that synonym with so called market manipulation and cronyism  tied business (From Government For Cronyism).

So, this is the best time for me to let go all my stock portfolio. Even there is a potential for KLCI  appreciate again next week is no longer interest me, since GE syndicate is in bursa now collecting money to fund their Master-Gang with money to win again Malaysia Parliament. For them money is very important to buy RAKYAT soul with project "MEE SEGERA".

The best time to strengthen investment portfolio should be after announcement of GE, may be after Chap Goh Mei Festival 20/Feb/2013.

So when, your unit trust agent tell you to invest, then ask them why now? The NAV value of your unit trust most likely tied to the index. If they don't know about investment, then that is a good time for you to find other more proficient agent . If they said, unit trust is long term investment, then ask them if 5 to 10 years from now KLCI drop down to 600 point what will your investment be. Ask him to guarantee you then.

Unit trust should be one in our investment portfolio but wise investing will grow your retirement asset and vice versa also might happen. Know well your investment, it will safe keeping your retirement saving.


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